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Alonso de Toledo, the doctor of Christopher Columbus' journey

Here it is a diary of the first days in the voyage of Christopher Columbus written by the doctor who travelled in La Pinta to look after the sailors.

August 1st 1492.
My name is Alonso de Toledo and I am doctor of Christopher Columbus in his expedition to India. I am prepairing to set out in a few days. I have begun this diary to write down all the events that happen in this adventure. Apart from the fact that I am going to sail with the great admiral Colon, it will be my first voyage by sea. Probably, you will wonder the reason of my voyage so far away from my homeland, because the people think that the ocean is the most dangeroure in the world. I will answer you that my dream has always been to visit more world, to know new cultures and discover new things.
August 2nd  1492.
Today, I introduce myself to the captain to prepair for the sail. Only thinking that tomorrow I will be far from home I already feel dizzy. I only hope that everything will be fine and in a few months I will be back safe and sound. As I travel for the first time with new people, the best for me will be knowing them better. At long last ,I will be their doctor. My purpose on the ship will be to observe the behavior of the sailors, because I could never know them.
August 3rd 1492.
The big day has arrived! Today we leave the harbour and we begin our voyage across the world to India.  I am in my cabin prepairing for the departure. I am very nervous, but I must keep quiet in this moment. I have my box of medical tools in order and I am going home to say goodbye to my family for a long time and I need some of my books for the voyage.

August 5th 1492.
We have just arrived to the Canary Islands, where we will stay for a few days collecting some water and food to continue the adventure. During the former days I have given some healthy advices to the sailors and so I expect that they will avoid some illnesses. Tomorrow we will finally leave Spain and the adventure will really begin.  


Alejandro Pastor Asensio
2º ESO B


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