miércoles, 30 de abril de 2014

Medical research through the ocean

Hello, my name is Rodrigo Martín Bermudez. I´m a doctor, but  not a normal doctor; I like the adventures and studing the human being  and all misteries of the life. However, studing that isn´t easy, here, in Spain, it`s forbidden. So I had an idea to make my dream come true.

I have heard that Vasco de Gama is going to do a journey to the "Islas de las Especias" and I want to form part of his crew.

I decided to travel to Portugal and ask to the captian for being a member of the crew. When I met him, I explained all things about medicine that I knew and how necessary I could be in his trip. At first moment, the captain didn´t accept me; he said he didn´t need a doctor on his expedition because his men were stronger than a bull. In these moment,  I explained him my other plan:  I said him that I want to explore things about the humans beings and  if I  discovered something  he could become a rich person.

Finally he acepted, so now I´m here ,in the Vasco de Gamas´s  caravel cabin, ready to start the most impotant trip in my life

2º A.

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