lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

My first expedition

10th of November

I am really nervous! Last week, I went to the port of my city for trying to be accepted in Hernan Cortes' Expedition. Since I was a little boy I have wanted to go to America, because I have heard stories about strange cultures and people that speak different languages and I dreamt of knowing more about them.  At the beginning, I thought they were not going to accept me because it is my first time in this kind of expedition and, in fact, I am not a good soldier. However, today when I was at the port, a man has given me a letter that says the following:
You have been accepted in Hernan Cortes' Expedition as a sailor.
The departure is the 18 of November. Come to the port early that morning.
You are in the boat of the captain.

I have been accepted! I am very happy but, at the same time, I am a bit scared because I know it is a very dangerous trip. My motivation is that my father would be really proud of me. He always said that he wanted me to be a sailor, as him. My mother would also be proud of me.
18 th of November

Today is the day of the departure. I have arrived to the port early in the morning, as the letter said, and I have embarked on my boat. After some hours, the 11 boats were full The crew was formed by 518 soldiers, 16 riders, 13 arquebusiers, 32 crossbowmen and 110 sailors.
Our boat was the first to leave the port. At the very first moment, all was excellent. There was a very pleasant breeze. After some minutes, I started to be really dizzy. That was horrible. For a moment, I wanted to leave the expedition, but I thought about my parents and I decided to continue in the expedition.

Alejandro Andrés Escorihuela 2ºB

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