domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

Vasco de Gama´s expedition

8th of July, Lisboa

 I´m Juan Domingo and I am part of the crew of Vasco de Gama's expedition. this is not the first time I travel through the ocean; in fact, I was one of the men of Bartolomé Dias' journey.
I love the sea, but I know it is dangerous and that´s what the new sailors need to know if not they will died. I explain this, because I am helping the captain with the new sailors. Some of them are too proud and probably the will put their lives in danger because of that. The first things we need to know are the rules of an expedition: 
·        You shouldn't create a mutiny, if you do it you will pay with your life.
·        You must do what the Capitan say to you.
·        The capitan is the judge in case of something happens.
I'm in charge of selecting  a part of crew and we are going to make a competition and the firt one touch the tallest part of the mastil will be part of it.
Francisco Gómez Martinez

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