jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Captain Lope de la Puebla (Dairy, part II)

9th of August.
Last week we had some problems with the rudder. Hopefully, we have arrived to Canary Island to review the boat.  It will take 3 weeks to repair it. In La Pinta more than the half of the crew is very superstitious and they think this is a signal of God's will. The atmosphere aboard is becoming odd. However, some sailors and I belive in Colombus' plans so we are postive in every moment. Colombus is sure  we are going to find new route travelling to the West.
16th of August
This afternoon some sailors came to my room  to tell me something important for them. They explained me that they had received a signal of God about our stop at Canary Island  and they were sure  that there will be a curse for those ones who try to cross the ocean. That curse says that if we try to cross the ocean the crew will get sick in few days and strange things will happen to our caravel. I didn't know if believe it or not. I contacted with Colombus and told him about the curse and the spirit of the crew, but he didn't believe it and didn't care about this. We will continue our expedition.
Lope de la Puebla 2ºB

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