miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014

Dairy of doctor Alonso de Toledo.

September 11th 1492.
Before the departure, I personally supervised the purchase of food and I carefully chose enough fresh fruit, meat and vegetables. One of the most important elements to keep the sailors healthy during the voyage is a varied feeding. We have sailed for a month and there is still many food in the hold. I am very happy about that.

September 12th 1492.
Today I have observed that some sailors suffer arthritis and rheuma, because during many days they have been wearing wet clothes. For that reason some sailor have pain in their bones. I have told them to change often their clothes, but some of them only have one pair of trousers and shirt. I hope that in the next days this situation will improve with them.

September 13th 1492.
 After solving the problem with the rheuma, I have detected two cases of typhus. It is very possible that the sailors have contracted the illness because some food or drink in bad conditions during our stop in Canary Islands. I am very worried about one of the two ill sailors, and I am afraid that he will die in a few days.

September 21th 1492.
Yesterday both sailor infected with typhus died and were thrown to the sea. All the crew said a prayer aloud on behalf of their souls. From now on, we will remember September the 21th and we will keep our companions in our memory. The other sailors with problems are better now and that makes me feel well and useful.

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