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Escaping from justice

I am Cayetano Valois de Erustes and I was a farmer at my village. I am a far descendant of the french royal family, as my grandfather was an ilegal son of Charles VII of France and a girl from Paris, but his mother died soon and he had to travel through villages working in many places, until he arrived to a village near Toledo, and he established there.
I was a farmer there until last July. I was cleaning my donkey when I smelled something that was burning. I followed the smell until I arrived to a near farm, and, while I was looking for flames or smoke, the owner of the farm, that was inside his house, went out and started to shout. In that moment, I understood that if he accused me, the authorities would torture, punish or even kill me. Without thinking, I ran to my donkey and went directly into a near forest. I spent the night there, and, the following morning, I started my way to Seville.
After two weeks trying to go through minor paths, I finally arrived to Seville. There, I spent the night in the workshop of a blacksmither that was from my village but had emigrated to Seville, and my friend told me the news: there was a reward of 2 "castellanos" of gold for the man who found me! Myfriend also told me that a man came to Seville the last week looking for sailors. It was the perfect opportunity!
The next day, I started my journey to Huelva, but with a new name an identity. From now on, I am Giuseppe Castiglione, a noble in Italy that is searching for adventures. My clothes were not good, so, in the way to Huelva, I stealed clothes to a merchant, putting my old clothes in his cart, so that he wouldn't notice it until he unload the goods.
When I arrived to Huelva, I did a short stop to sleep and I continued to Palos de la Frontera. It was the 1st of August of 1492. There, it wasn't difficult to find the captain: Colombus. I told to him that I was an italian noble and that I could help him speaking with the Indians of Calicut, due to the knowledge I had for a previous travel of my grandfather using the Silk Route. He accepted, and even invited me to a dinner with him. The 3rd of August of 1492, we started the long journey to India.

Cayetano Valois

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