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Hernando Castello's dairy (II part)

Yesterday morning, we arrived at the Cabo Verde Island. At night, I had a meeting with Vasco de Gama and the other officers in order to plan the next step of the expedition. 

Volta do mar
Next week we will weigh anchor, but there is a problem, we don't know how long  the trip is going to be and we will test a new sea route. Our Admiral, Vasco de Gama, called it "volta do mar" and it's based on the winds of this unexplored are of the ocean. Some officers are not agree with this idea. In spite of wanting to use an alternative route, they must obey the Admiral decisions.
Another problem is the crew; if they knew our plans, they wouldn't want to do it, or maybe they would rebel. Although, I think this isn't a big problem because I know how to control them. Obviously, it is better that this doesn't happen, so I have to keep their spirit high and their minds worried with the works on the caravel.

First of all,  I am going to control the purchase of theprovisions (and, of course, some barrels of rum) to survive during this new manouver and then I will give them some prize to make them to be calm and do not rebel. The first sailor that discovers land will recieve a reward.
Hernando Castello 2ºA

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