martes, 6 de mayo de 2014

Lope de la Puebla, the Captain of la Pinta

Our first days:
I wake up early, it is the first day in the sea. I'm really nervous. I know how to drive and control the caravel but I am worried about my sailors, they haven't got any experience about navegation. In fact, it is the first long trip for most of them. I will start teaching them about the sail, the rudder and every part of the caravel. After I will show them the map with route we are going to take.
Some days ago, I realised that we need more people for working in our caravel, so they had to look for people interested in the jobs. In fact, we need a cook, a servant to novice sailor to clean the cabins and 3 more sailors.
People from different places want to ship with us. They come from the nearby villages. When we finish completing our crew, sailors will teach the new ones how to do everything. And we will undertake our route to India in the west direction to show everyone that the Earth is a sphere.
Now it's time to store food and beverages in the cellar.
Carla Pérez Gracia 2ºB

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