sábado, 7 de junio de 2014

Juan Antonio de Parreila's Diary (Part I)

26th of July
It’s the 8th time that I am going to be in this caravel and the first that I’m going to go through the Atlantic Ocean because I’ve always travelled around the Mediterranean Sea.
27th of July
I’m one of the most veteran sailor of the crew and the captain Lope de la Puebla trust  me because it’s not the first time I travel with him so he said to me that I have to choose the novice sailors so I’m doing them an exam. They are going to climb to the nest through the net. The first has climbed three parts before falling on the deck and the doctor has come to save him, because he has broken his right hand and his leg so he won't be able to come to the expedition. The second  has climbed in one minute and a half. At the middle of the climb he almost falls but we have put a security system around the mast for people don`t hurt. Finally I have choose 45 people that hasn`t fall from the net; one of them, Lauren de la Sierra has been the fastest one and seems a good recruit for our crew.
3th of August
We have leave the port with the 45 novice sailors. Many people have come to see us leaving the port because we are the first people that are going to get in Asia through the west.

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