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Juan Domingo's Dairy (part II)

12th of July of 1497

As we need more crew before our departure, I prepared a contest for the novice sailors and the winner of the last post was Jaime Garcés, one of the younger boys. I think this is his first journey. We will see if he is dare enough for this kind of expedition.

27th of July of 1497

We have arrived into Cabo Verde Islands. The voyage until here was very easy, in fact, there wasn't any problem, as we followed the route marked on our portulan charts. As we are going to stay in Cabo Verde Island during a week, while the Captains, the officers and Vasco de Gama decide our next step, I'm going to visit the port inn and the slaves market. It's something that still shocks me.

3rd of August of 1497.

Now, there isn´t good atmosphere here in the ship. The sailors are nervous  due to the "volta do mar" but I don´t see where the problem is I've been with this Capitan before and he did the "volta do mar" perfectly well.

The trick is to control the west winds, which are really simple but I also was nervous the first voyage I did the "volta do mar", because I thought that the winds didn't blow the same direction, but they do. I remember I was so afraid that I started praying and thinking about my life. However, I believe in the Captain skills I'm sure this is going to be simple and fast.

Juan Domingo, veteran sailor at Captain Hernando Castello's service

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