jueves, 24 de julio de 2014

Cayetano Valois (2nd part)

I woke up in another monotonous morning, same as all the other days. I had very little amount of food for breakfast, as the provisions were becoming scarce. Then I read a book I stole from a sailor for introducing myself in the sea voyage, but it only makes me feel more afraid. The book talks about the beasts of the ocean, and how strong they are. After reading, I  stayed in my room, reading and finding more about being a doctor,  which was my commitment in the ship and also my cover. Then, I had a little lunch and walked around the ship. As I told, every day was equal to the day before, as it was my sickness. Since we started this trip, it hadn’t  stopped. As a doctor, I should tell it is normal, just because it was my first time, but there was something else. I wanted to get off to arrive to my destiny as soon as possible, because I was afraid of being discovered. The consequences could be terrible.

Somehow, a week later we went ashore. I was so happy I was finally going to escape from my problems… But then I found about the truth. As we got nearer the land, it started looking more like an island. I asked  the captain where were we approaching and if we were going to stay there for a long time. Those islands were the canary islands, and yes, we had to stay because our rudder was broken. Now all my plans were ruined. All my hope was gone. What have I done? I didn’t disserve this! I needed to make up my mind, and this month was the perfect chance to do it.

The next week I worked very hard. I continued my doctor studies just in case I didn’t change my job in the ship. I also learned some Italian, but not enough for talking with the Italian sailors. I read the Bible many times, maybe god pities from me even if  I had lied to a lord like the captain. I made a list with the things I had to do to survive. These are some: Don’t speak with Italians, don’t let the other doctor enter to the ship where I am, make friends in the ship. With my list, I figured I needed to change my job. One day, while I was entering provisions to the bridge, I saw all the sailors doing really strange things, they were in their pray time. They did all the priest told them just for “gods sake”. That’s it! If I change into a priest, then no one could do anything to me because I would use “god’s faith” on my own purpose. But I needed to know at least the basic things from our religion to make it more realistic, so during our stay in the Canary Islands I stayed with the priest.

Every day, after I entered provisions to the ship I went with the priests, and the one belonging to my ship, Alberto Mendoza, became a good friend of mine. There were priests in all the ships, and if I wanted to become one I needed to quit at least one of them, the perfect way was humiliation. The month quickly passed and I was now prepared to be a priest.

It was my last day on those islands, in fact it was in the afternoon when I realised I hadn’t changed my cover, and I hadn’t humiliate any of the priests yet. The first two ships had already left. If I really wanted to be the priest of my previous ship I needed to humiliate my best friend, and I needed to do it quick.

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