lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

Problems aboard (Captain of La Pinta's dairy)

One more day all seems wrong. My crew and I are worried about the end of this expedition, nobody knows what is going to happen and we are having some problems with this journey. It is lasting to much and for several weeks we haven't seen any land.
I'm starting to think we are lost in the middle of the sea. But that's not all, in the storage the food is dissapearing, we haven got  food for  only two more weeks. Everyone is hungry and nervous, we must take a decission. Colombus has given us some explanations about this expedition but my crew and I don't believe them. We have thought a lot about what can we do in this situation.
After days searching for ideas, we are agree in comming back home. It's hard but is the only solution. I have to give the ultimatum to Colombus, I'm afraid of the things that could happen after this, however if we don't come back now we will die. If we don't see land in 3 days we will return home.
Captain Lope de la Puebla

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