lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

José Luis Alfama, the novice sailor (3rd part)

My real name is José Luis Paricio, but in the expedition I say my name is José Luis de Alfama.

16th March
The battle finally took place the 14th of March. It was, without any doubt, the worst experience of my life. I didn't know how to fight and I was really afraid. S
o, in the middle of the battle, with some small injuries, I ran and hid between some trees, until we finally defeated the Maya-Chontales.

24th of March
Today, we have founded the city of Santa María the Victoria in the place of the battle. It is the first city of the 'New Spain' in America.

26th March
The problems have appeared. Between the natives that work the lands, an epidemic of smallpox has appeared, killing lot of them while, between the spanish people, the disease doesn't elimate anyone. That's not the only problem. Some soldiers have developed the malaria. Our priests are praying for trying to make dissapear all our problems.

17th April
The problems haven`t dissapeared but our captain has decided to continue our voyage through the dense jungle. Sixty soldiers have stayed in the city for trying to pacify the region.

19th April
We have taked course to the city of Cucúa. Our captain wants to discover the great secrets and riches of this great empire. I think we should plan better our next offensive, but the captain is who commands.

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