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The captain Hernando Castello.

8th of July of 1497.

Hello, my name is Hernando Castello, I am the captain of the crew of the Berrio.
We are setting sail in one week and the caravel, the food and everything else is prepared. However, there are still some posts in my caravel, so I am worried because I haven't found all the crew and one week is not enough time for completing it.  
The last week, I was looking for some people to fill the posts, but anybody wanted to be part of my crew, because they know that this long trip, like any trip in caravel, is dangerous due to the lack of portulan charts of the area we are going to. So, they don't want to risk their own lifes. 
I have only three more days and there aren't enough sailors, I need some people for clean the caravel and its rooms and one more doctor too. Fortunately, one man has appeared this morning, he was a doctor with knowledge. So I tell him that now he is part of the crew. Later, in the afternoon, I saw a group of sailors in a big ship near the coast, so I tell them to be part of my crew. At first time they were a little worried, but after explaining them we are searching a route for getting gold, silk...; they liked the idea. They weren't experts but I think they can do their work well and as I haven't found any person for clean, some sailors must do it,  but I will compensate them.

María Torán

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