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"Weird stories", by Pedro de Alvarado.


Pedro de Alvarado
Two weeks ago, anyone could have said that I was mad. But after one of the most interesting conversations with one native man in an inn, I really think that I'm not crazy.

-"A city built in gold" –the disgusting man said. But after some weeks hearing the same story in the inn. Maybe it wasn´t a mistake, or just another story. I paid to that men for the location of that city, and I killed him; exactly, I beat him until his death. Of course, I took my money away from that horrible corpse. The traders are so gullible!

I always kill all the natives that talk about that city, only to be sure that none else listen that story, because I don't want any onlookers. Most of them talked about people naked, just covered with huge pieces of gold, and buildings, taller than a ship, made of gold. Also they talked to me about the women and their jewels. If that Golden City really existed it would be particullary incredible. I have to admit: I love the gold, my secret passion.

Almost, I´m sure that I'm not the only one that had heard the story. In order to protect the secret I have killed twenty four men and women. People say that im cruel and bloody. I just answered that the natives and the portuguese people will burn in hell because of their acts.

So, I'm going to talk with one of my close friends, Hernán Cortés. I'm sure that Cortés is going to preparate a really dangerous expedition to the Centre of this strange territory full of black and brown people. Full of scum. I know, that if I talk to someone my stories, they are going to happen two different things:
-          He will look for that city and I will have to say goodbye to the gold and to the glory.
-      Or he will call me insane, mad, and probably, people will not see me again as the same men that brought them to Cuba. The glorious one, not the cruel conqueror.

So, I'm must say only to Hernan that I want to join to the expedition, because he has the same connection with gold as me. I should kill him in the middle of the voyage, just to be sure. Yes, i´ll kill him.

I must find that city and make it my little secret from all this people. Because propably they will never understand what gold means. Because gold means power. And power is my favorite word after glory.
Now, I'm powerfull. But, what is a powerfull men without his own treasure?

Lydia López Sánchez. 2ºESO C.

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