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Christopher Columbus' Expedition. The cook, Micael Herraz

One day during winter, when I was at my own inn, I received a letter from  Lope de la Puebla. I was surprised because the letter said:
 "Good news for you, Chef Micael, you are going to be the cook for our expedition. I think you are the perfect cook for this trip, because we like your food and I think you will take and control the foodstuff for the journey. You must be at Palos' Port the 3rd of August for starting the expedition. Thank you for all.
Lope de la Puebla."
 That day, I was very happy, but after a few minutes I thought that the journey would be for years and maybe I would die. After that thinking I started to be a little nervous because of the death and the maladies, but I didn't give up that journey. Maybe, the expedition will occur well…
3rd of August of 1492
During the lasts days, I had a lot of work, I had to prepare all food and its amount to avoid the lack of it. But all was well; I prepare all foodstuff and I was prepared for the journey. Finally, the trip started the 3rd of August and I was at the port on time to start the expedition.

Caravel parts
This day was incredible; I was inside Columbus' expedition! The first hours were good, I talked with some sailors, we played some card games and we observed all the landscape. During the day, I controlled correctly the food storage in the hold (nº 14); I thought there was enough food to the journey, but…..
Some weeks later, the trip was interesting, but I had a big problem; the foodstuff was not enough for the expedition until India. I thought the trip would be large, but nobody knew about the length of the expedition.
Nacho Civera 2ºB

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