miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2014


18th February
Three months have passed from the departure. The last month has been horrible because of the lack of foodstuff. We have eaten things such as sawdust or rats. Some members of the crew have serious stomach ache.
24th February
We are sailing near the coastline to try to fish something, but we don't fish much. The best fish are for the captain and the most important members of the ship. We, the sailors, are a little bit angry. We are hungry and we want to go ashore to eat better.
2nd March
Finally, our captain Hernán Cortés has decided to go ashore and camp near the city of Potochán. This night has been excellent. We have hunted some strange animals, similar to the boars, and we have eaten them.
3rd March
All the expedition has slept really well. All the soldiers have gone to explore the zone. The rest of the expedition hasstayed in the boat waiting for them.
11th March
The soldiers have returned with bad news. They have told us that there is a huge empire and, apparently, they are not pacific people. They have seen human sacrifices and very strange and tall buildings.
13th March
The captain has called up all the expedition. He has decided to attack the city. I have seen the veteran soldiers preparing their weapons and talking about battles. I have never taken part in one and I am really afraid of what is going to happen in the following days.

Alejandro Andrés Escorihuela 2ºB

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  1. Somos Pablo y Diego, nos ha gustado mucho esta parte del blog. Esta muy bien redactada y es muy interesante seguid redactando este blog.
    un saludo de Pablo y Diego.